Ordering your pen

Choosing your tree/pen

Find your birth tree from the list. Alternatively read through the properties and powers of each tree and see which you feel suits you.

We attempt to source timber sustainably from all Ogham trees. However, a small number of these trees/shrubs rarely, if ever, achieve sufficient size to produce usable timber for our pens.

As we try to gather our wood sustainably, there will be times that certain timbers are not available. If you can't find a specific wood (Ogham or otherwise) that you would like, please email us. We will always see if it is something we can source.

Keep your pen close to you. Carry it and use it in times of significance.


Each pen is custom made and hand crafted upon order. The price shown for the pen is just for the pen kit only.

Once you have selected the pen that you want, please go to the Wood/blanks section and choose the wood that you would like your pen made from. Each pen comes with a velvet pouch as standard, but if you require a silk pen box, please select these from the pen cases section.

If you fail to select a wood, your pen order will be delayed as I won't be able to make the pen until I know your preference.

If you are ordering more than one pen, please ensure that you have ordered the same amount of wood. If you want different woods on multiple pens, please email us when ordering to ensure we know which wood is for which pen!

Care of your pen

Once the wood blank has been shaped on the lathe, it is sanded using 7 grades of paper to get that smooth finish. Depending on the timber, sanding sealer may then be used to seal the wood and prepare it for polishing. Up to 10 coats of hard wax are applied and polished to bring out a semi gloss finish to the wood. Then another 1-2 coats of Microcrystaline wax is applied.

General Guide

Do not keep your pen in direct sunlight or humid areas; wood is a natural material and will react to these conditions. As you use the pen the wax will gradually wear away.  If you use the pen daily, the natural oils from your fingers will start to coat the pen, this will give it another great finish as the oils penetrate the wood. It will shine and be protected at the same time.

As the wood and waxes are natural products, they will age and wear with use. Some other pen makers finish their pens with varnish or layers of CA glue. Whilst these can provide a harder finish, we feel that they are not in keeping with the natural product that we are making and do not give such a natural finish that we feel these pens require.

You may wish to re-apply wax as the finish wears from normal use. Use a soft cloth to buff up the wax as needed. Never use any kind of abrasive to clean your pen. Furniture polish is a good way to wax and polish your pen. The plating on the pen may be cleaned with a damp soft cloth.

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